Paul Weller Passes Out in Prague!



Down on the killing
floor for real!


By Fred Mills




The Modfather was in hot water again the other night. A
couple of months ago Paul Weller lit up a cigarette while onstage at London’s The
Cliffs Pavilion, resulting in an “official warning” for the venue, which is
subject to a smoking ban (and enforced by the Southend Borough Council). Now we
learn that Weller was picked up and questioned by police in Prague after “apparently being found drunk in
the street.”



Weller and a female friend, Hannah Andrews, had put in a binge
session Saturday night at the city’s Little Whale Pub while on vacation.
Britain’s The Sun reports that Weller
and Andrews had been “knocking back shots of vodka” for a couple of hours, with
Weller additionally insisting on singing “Killing Floor” with the pub’s guitarist,
Brad Huff, who described it as “really terrible. I told him he couldn’t sing.
He was just kind of howling. His girlfriend was aggressive and kept blowing me
raspberries. She fell off her bar stool and passed out on the floor.”


The pair later staggered out into the street and at one point
were found laying down, presumably passed out (pictured).


The UK
tabloid additionally posted video footage of Weller singing (listed as “drunken
jam” on their site) and Weller and Andrews falling off their stools (“sozzled modfather”).


In other, semi-unrelated news, Weller is part of a new
aimed at saving traditional British pubs… not hard to figure out why!





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