Nonexistent Band Is Fave MySpace Act!



Gorillaz tops the list…


By Fred Mills


In further proof that social networking destroys critical
facilities and eats away at cranial matter, the Gorillaz have been determined
to be the most popular band on MySpace! British media reports are saying that
the animated act – which, since it’s a ‘toon, is technically nonexistent (Damon
Albarn and Jamie Hewlett are the s-called “leaders” of the group out in
meatspace), and in fact has not even been active during 2008 – has accumulated
686,177 MySpace friends, with more being added daily.


Not quite Tila Tequila territory, but pretty impressive,
particularly for a two-dimensionan entity. Now THAT is some fuckin’ social
networkin’… Or pretty adept use of automated friend-adder software..


Back in reality, Madonna’s “4 Minutes” was the most popular
video on MySpace.



Some stats:


MySpace most popular musical acts:

Gorillaz (682,875 friends)
Bullet for My Valentine (596,885 friends)
Amy Winehouse (542,268 friends)
Coldplay (525,110 friends)
Lily Allen (462,159 friends)
MIA (399,858 friends)
Oasis (353,484 friends)
Imogen Heap (351,484 friends)


Myspace most popular music videos:

Madonna – 4 Minutes
The Verve – Love Is Noise
BPA ft. David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal – Toe Jam
Justice – DVNO
Oasis – I’m Outta Time
Dragonforce – Heroes of Our Time
Sigur Ros – Inni Mer Syngur Vitleysingur
The Raconteurs – Old Enough




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