New Prince Song Hits Web


Funky track surfaces
for one day then, apparently, disappears.


By Fred Mills is reporting on a track called “There Will
Never B Another 1 Like Me” from Prince that surface last night on a website
called Mplsound ( The
six-minute track is described as a “return to the funk, similar to that
fan-baiting “PFUnk” that popped up last year and the Black Album, but without the weird vocals.”


According to the report the aforementioned website displays
a “full screen of eye-hurting purple” while the song streams. However, as of
this writing it’s only displaying a black screen, with no sound whatsoever, so
it appears that His Purpleness has already taking the track down. Might be
worth checking it out from time to time, however.


Meanwhile, earlier this week Prince previewed three other
over L.A. FM station Indie 103: a cover of “Crimson & Clover” plus a
“laid back guitar joint” called “Colorized Mind” and a track of “more guitar
virtuosity” called “Wall of Berlin.” Prince is reportedly done with his next
album and in the process of finding a home for it. According to a spokesman at
the radio station, Prince “wants nothing to do with record labels, so he’s
meeting with people to figure out how to operate at his level without a record


Er, indie artists all over the planet are doing that
already, Mr. Nelson. No reason you can’t join the party.


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