Neko Case Previews New LP w/Video


Streaming video of the
making of the album at


By Fred Mills


We previously brought you the dope on the forthcoming Neko
Case album
, Middle Cyclone, due March
3 from Anti-. Now comes word that the label has posted a video on the making of
the record featuring behind the scenes footage and some of the new songs.


Go HERE to view the video.


According to the label:



Filmed in the
“creaky” New England barn that served as home base for some of the
album sessions, the footage reveals fascinating details of the ‘Cyclone’
recording process, including the “piano orchestra” that Neko
assembled from free pianos obtained through craigslist; a recording booth
constructed of cardboard that she describes as “a lot like a Little
Rascals set”; and the serendipitous sounds of wind and frogs that made it
onto the album.



Well, all right then! We’re all about creaky barns, free
pianos and serendipitous sounds!


[Photo Credit: Dennis Kleiman]



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