Marr: No Smiths Reunion; Milk the Fans


But he has no problem
raking in a few more royalties just the same…


By Fred Mills

Reacting, no doubt, to the totally unsubstantiated rumors that
BLURT was floating a couple of weeks ago about an impending Smiths reunion in
2009 (make sure you pay close attention to how we word our polls and news clips
folks – those trained chimps we have toiling away in our news room can be purty
clever at times!), guitarist Johnny Marr has issued a statement to
debunking those rumors.


“The stories circulating about a Smiths reunion are, as usual, untrue,” stated Marr. “I’m currently very excited about
writing and recording with The Cribs for a new album to be released next summer
and we’re playing shows in February, so going back in time isn’t in my plans.”

Gee, it couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Marr
and Morrissey hate each, now, could it?


Meanwhile, Marr also was quoted by the NME as saying he’s at
work mastering a forthcoming Smiths compilation, due out in January:


“I think everyone was glad that I stepped up to the breach.
I didn’t have to do it, it could have come out anyway – but I just felt like it
was doing a disservice to the band and the people who were buying the records.
Over the years there have been releases of the records and I wasn’t happy with
the way they sounded. So I rolled my sleeves up and fixed that, and I’m pretty
happy with the way that turned out.”


Waitaminnit – a two-CD “deluxe edition” The Sound of the Smiths was just released a month or so ago, and we
have proof
elsewhere on the BLURT site. You’re saying the fans are going to
take it on the chin again, money wise? Maybe is should be titled, with a tip o’
the hat to the Sex Pistols, Milking A
Dead Cow….




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