John Lennon Sings of Cocaine & Nipples


Just a little of that
Peruvian marching powder smeared liberally over your nipples will set y’all


By Fred Mills


The BBC is reporting that a tape of John Lennon, recorded in
1973 during the late Beatle’s so-called “lost weekend,” was sold at an auction
in L.A. Sunday
for $30,000. The six-minute recording is a version of Lloyd Price’s “Just
Because” (which he later rerecorded for the Rock
‘n’ Roll
album) and features Lennon ad-libbing some of the lyrics thusly:



Just a little cocaine will set me right… Wanna
take all them new singers, Carol and the other one with the nipples, I wanna
take ’em and hold ’em tight




Well, of course.



Lennon was purportedly drunk at the time of the recording
and as a result, according to auction house Bonham and Butterfields, “the
background band speeds up or slows down, trying to keep up with him until a
male voice finally calls an end to the session after a little over six minutes.”



The winning bidder in the auction was not identified.



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