It’s Repeal Day! Let’s Go to D.C.!



Have a drink on BLURT!


By Fred Mills



It’s officially Repeal Day, imbibers! Yes, that’s right –
exactly 75 years ago to this day, Dec. 5, 1933, the United States repealed the 18th Amendment and effectively put an end to Prohibition. Recall that in 1919
Congress had passed the Volstead Act which outlawed alcohol, but rather than
“put an end to drunkenness, crime, mental illness and poverty” (as the official
Repeal Day site
helpfully puts it), the actual results were folks desperate to
pay any price to get their buzz (cue up MORE drunkenness and MORE poverty) and
a thriving criminal underclass rising up to service the demands of the American
consumer (hence MORE crime) – and it just drove everybody in the country
fucking crazy, which is the “MORE mental illness” part of this equation.


You can read all about it at the link above.


Meanwhile, in what must surely be the greatest incidence of
cultural synchronicity this year, it was announced this week that to coincide
with the Obama inauguration Jan. 20, Washington D.C. intends to expand the
legal drinking hours in restaurants and bars until 5 a.m. during Jan. 17 – 21,
three hours longer than the usual last call at 2 a.m. According to a Reuters
, the legislation was offered by D.C. City Council member Jim Graham,
obviously an enlightened sort, as an acknowledgment that folks in town for the
big bash might be wanting to party, uh, like it’s 1999.


After debate the legislation was subsequently approved, and
as word got out all the kneejerk conservative curmudgeons of D.C. took to the
internet, as this little sampling from the comments section of the Reuters blog



How kind of them to
allow people longer hours in which to drown their sorrows. – Jordan


Remember this is a
liberal america
now. no more morals or values. – Dan


Like Bill Clinton when
dancing “La macarena” in his moment. Democrats… – Morochos



Yeah, whatever assholes. We say – drink up, D.C. And drink
up, America.
Change is here, and it’s time to toast it.


And do the Macarena, too:




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