Ida’s First 3 Recs Due on Vinyl


Don’t worry – digital download coupon will also be included.


By Blurt Staff


This year Brooklyn’s Ida
released their seventh album Lovers Prayers along with the companion EP My
Fair, My Dark
, additionally undertaking a successful tour of the UK with Low. The
band’s been around since ’92 and remains one of America’s most beloved indiepop
outfits. Now, Polyvinyl, in cooperation with Simple Machines, has announced
plans to release of Ida’s first 3 albums on vinyl for the first time


Each album will be printed on deluxe
double gatefold jackets and pressed on 180 gram vinyl, and included will be a
digital download coupon  for the entire album for the iPod enthusiast
in the house.


The details:


Ida – Tales of Brave Ida
This somber debut from the New York
duo Dan Littleton and Elizabeth Mitchell marks a great beginning for Ida. Tales
of Brave Ida
features melodic, fuzzy guitar work that is comparable to the
haunting, droning aspects of the Velvet Underground and Nick Drake while still
maintaining an original sense of style. With the canny addition of a gloomy
cello, provided by Julia Kent, the album does an excellent job of portraying
dismal beauty. Dreamy songs such as “Tempting,”
“Slowdance,” and “Vacation” make this debut release


Ida – I Know About You
            Ida’s second
full-length release, I Know About You, is a giant step forward from the
band’s first,
Tales of Brave Ida. With the addition of drummer Michael Littleton, the
songs come into full bloom with new rhythms and interesting dynamics that add
to the band’s prominent style. Tracks such as “Back Burner” and “Treasure
Chest,” showcase the piercing vocal intricacies of Ida’s managing duo, Dan
Littleton and Elizabeth Mitchell.  I Know About You, is a
breakthrough in more ways than one, a mandatory gem in Ida’s vast catalogue.


Ida – Ten Small Places
            Ida’s third
release, Ten Small Places, was recorded over a several year span, in
various studios. Instead of a concentrated, thesis oriented album, this release
is more of a collection of 14 songs that illustrate the band’s dynamics. Dan
Littleton and Elizabeth Mitchell continue to showcase their interwoven guitar
and vocal work with the added help of new member, bassist Karla Schickele, who
contributes with compositions like “Fallen Arrow” and “Poor Dumb
Bird.” The album also contains multiple covers, including Neil Young’s “Everybody
Knows This is Nowhere,” and Brian Eno’s “Golden Hours.” Ten
Small Places
continues to persuade listeners with warm, intimate material,
while also giving fans a different sense of what makes the band special.




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