Hot Chip + Robert Wyatt = Lot of Love



Collaboration due on
CD in January but partial download already available.


By Blurt Staff


Hot Chip want their fans to know that they are putting
together “a little present” for them. It’s part-Christmas gift and part
post-Christmas, as it technically arrives next month, on January 27 via
Astralwerks, but will be available initially via download starting this week.
And it’s pretty special: along for the ride will be the godfather of the
experimental psych-prog world, Robert Wyatt, and kindred mischievous electronic
spirits Geese to help out as well.

Long recognized as one of the pioneers of avant-jazz rock (as recently as this
year by Domino Records in fact, who have just re released his back catalogue),
from his beginnings as a member of Soft Machine and through his collaborations
with Scritti Politti and Syd Barrett, Robert Wyatt brings his quietly magical
touch to 3 songs personally chosen from Hot Chip’s 2008 album “Made in the
Dark”. The result – as recorded at Gallery Studios earlier this year – are
several mutations of songs that are described along lines “as delicate and
whimsical as they are adventurous and distinctive,” be it the quixotic cornet
and jew’s harp on “Made in the Dark”, or Wyatt’s singular vocals and
whistling on “Whistle for Will”, or the lush added effects and
atypical arrangements on “We’re Looking for a Lot of Love”.

Meanwhile, Hot Chip collaborators Geese (aka Emma and Vince from The Elysian
Quartet) also lent a hand, reworking the Wyatt- assisted “We’re
Looking…” while completely overhauling “One Pure Thought” from a
straight-ahead floor shaker into something stranger, dreamier, but no less
lovely. All in all, a deliciously unpredictable collaboration made in quirk-pop

Fans can already download 2 tracks from the EP on from, thus
providing, as the band puts it, “a stimulus that is musical and financial for
us all.”

Hot Chip, picked up their first Grammy nomination for Best
Dance Recording for the track “Ready For The Floor.” The Annual
Grammy Awards will be announced live on on Feb. 8 on CBS. The group has had
feverish schedule this year which took in numerous side projects, solo records,
countless dancefloor-igniting remixes, production duties and, of course
relentless touring (which culminated in their triumphal homecoming shows at
Brixton Academy in November).


1.      Made in the Dark (with Robert Wyatt)
2.      Whistle for Will (with Robert Wyatt)
3.      We’re Looking for a Lot of Love (with Robert
Wyatt and Geese)
4.      One Pure Thought (remixed by Geese)



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