Fatboy Slim Mounts BPA Remix Contest


Brighton Port
Authority – Norman Cook, David Byne, Iggy Pop, Dizzee Rascal, Emmy the Great
and others – puts YOU in the driver’s seat.


By Blurt Staff


So here’s the deal: Fatboy Slim’s new project Brighton Port
Authority – which has a fascinating and possibly even partly true backstory involving
Cook and the others listed above – wants fans to take their song “Toe Jam” and
do the fan remix thing.


According to a blurb at the BPA website, “Remix the song
“Toe Jam” featuring Dizzee Rascal and David Byrne from The BPA’s
upcoming album I Think We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat and enter your remix
for a chance to win a pair of Technics
RP-DH1200 Headphones, Fatboy
Slim’s catalog on vinyl and the chance to have your remix released as a digital EP along with
an official remix of “Toe Jam.” You can remix the song in any way you
like, either by adding your own beats and instrumentation, or just remixing the
original parts.”


The link above will take you to the download page and
additional instructions. Meanwhile, go HERE for general details on the BPA as
well as a slew of other intriguing goodies, fan-created videos, and more. Sure,
there’s a lot of hype and just plain silly blather, but we’re talking Fatboy
Slim, so you know it’s gonna be fun, right?


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