Dumb PR Pitch O’ Week: Chrome Bags


“Urban riding gear”? WTF?!?
This one really takes the cake… In which we open up our mailbag and let you
peek inside. Don’t throw up, please.


By Blurt Staff


In between strategy and planning sessions (held down at the
local Hooters, natch) and trips to the john every 15 minutes for a “jolt” (you
know what we’re sayin’…), we here at BLURT central actually devote some time going
through our in-boxes and spam folders to make sure that nothing currently going
on within the music industry escapes our steely gaze. We pride ourselves at
being way ahead of the fucking curve.


Of necessity, as a major media player we also have to field
a lot of correspondence that is, shall we say, somewhat misdirected. (Memo to
the person that keeps sending us Buckcherry updates: thanks!) We’re not sure if
these are acts of p.r. desperation, inexperience-bred naivete, or a willful
ignorance of what BLURT is all about.


On the latter point, an occasional glance out our website
and digital magazine might be helpful in terms of how labels and publicity
firms target their pitches. But that’s out of our control. What we CAN control,
however, is what we do with the dang emails, which is where you, gentle readers,
come in. Presenting the latest in an occasional series: Dumb PR Pitch O’ Week. Guarantee: all dialogue repeated verbatim.
Some names may be changed/deleted to protect the clueless. Void where
prohibited by law. Caveat emptor. Enjoy!




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RedOne www.blurt-online.com/news/view/1382/








You’re receiving this email because of your continued
support of Chrome Bags.



Introducing Chrome’s Urban
Riding Gear


We’ve raised the bar with our full line of urban riding
gear.  Our mission with clothing is the
same as our bags.  Advanced design with
technical attributes that shield against 
harsh conditions while providing pure comfort for daily wear.


Our apparel pulls double duty with tech performance for
sustained abuse and design that gives a progressive edge to street wear.  The days of rolling up jeans and looking like
a walking bike advertisement are over. 
Whether it’s a 15 mile commute, splitting lanes, or hitting up a happy
hour, feel secure knowing that no matter where you end up you will arrive in




Cobra Merino Wool Jacket Now Available



Designed to keep you warm in the worst city riding
conditions, our hooded 100% merino jacket is the choice when the mercury
drops.  The Cobra stays soft and itch
free while regulating body temperature and keeping moisture away from the
skin.  This piece is the go-to for chilly
nights on the bike and frequent stops at the local bar.  Features include hidden thumb loops, hidden
front hand warmer pockets, full width hidden back pocket, high neck collar and
three panel hood. 



Pacer Merino Wool Jacket Now Available


Not to be confused with the iconic car of the 70’s, our
Pacer stands the test of time.  This
lightweight 100% merino wool jacket is like a favorite pair of worn out jeans,
always comfortable.  Works great as a
base layer against the skin or as a full-zip top layer for all endurance
activities or just chillin’ at the corner café. 
This workhorse has no boundaries. 
Constructed from the finest merino wool, this piece is soft and
itch-free while naturally anti-bacterial and odor resistant. 



Champ Riding Jacket Available 12.15.08



We designed a riding jacket for the jack-of-all-trade
athlete.  Our design fuses a fresh urban
look and advanced tech fabrics to keep you ahead of the pack.  Call us shallow, but we believe in cool,
functional clothes that keep you out of the ER. 
The Champ steps it up in safety with hidden cuff and back panels that
open to reveal reflective material.  This
jacket’s urban style allows transition from day to night effortlessly.  From bike lane to the VIP line.   



Chrome Industries | 580 4th Street | San Francisco | CA | 94107



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