Damon & Naomi w/Ltd-ed Live DVD


A DVD from each and
every D&N tour would not be unwelcome around these parts…


By Fred Mills



Damon & Naomi’s homegrown label 20/20/20 Records just
announced a live D&N DVD available exclusively at their website (http://www.damonandnaomi.com/
). Titled Shibuya 0-Nest 2008, it’s a
limited edition so don’t sit on your hands if you’re a fan.


The document of Damon & Naomi’s 2007-08 tour included Michio Kurihara, on lead guitar; Bhob Rainey, on soprano sax (of nmperign); Helena Espvall, on cello (of Espers); and special guest Masaki
Batoh (of Ghost).



Here’s the scoop, from the label:


Last January, in support of their 2007
album Within
These Walls, D&N embarked on their longest tour in history, ending
with two spectacular nights in Tokyo. 
These shows were filmed by Hiroo
Ishihara (collaborator on the now sold out limited edition DVD for The Earth Is Blue
tour), and armed with this new footage, Ishihara has created a beautiful
document of D&N’s 2007/8 live show. There is absolutely no overlap in
material from the previous DVD of 2005(!).  This new set features a number
of songs from Within These Walls, but also several older songs not usually
played live, which were performed at the request of their Japanese hosts
(reaching all the way back to This Car
Climbed Mt. Washington, from More Sad Hits).


Track Listing:


1. Eye of the Storm
2. The Well
3. Ueno Station
4. On the Aventine
5. Defibrillation
6. The New World
7. Within These Walls
8. This Car Climbed Mt.
9. Lilac Land
10. Stars Never Fade
11. Love (Jacks)
12. Cruel Queen



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