Covers Mania! Guilt By Association 2



All the songs you know
you really wanna hate but can’t….


By Blurt Staff


The second installment of 07’s sing-a-long darling, Guilt By Association, with yet another
volume of pop music gems sung by your favorite indie artists. Guilt By Association Vol 2 is brings
together your most beloved underground bands with your Top 40 Radio hits of the
80’s, 90’s and today. The series, according to BLURT precursor Harp, is more “elegy than irony and
offers a primer on how to cover songs successfully”. (Watch BLURT soon for a
feature on this new installment of GBA.)

Guilt By Association Vol 2 looks and
plays like a cassette tape that you might have made for a friend or, lets face
it, your cutie crush in high school with love notes and all. Vol 2 features
Robbers On High Street doing New Edition, Matt Pond PA covering My Chemical
Romance, Takka Takka tackling Phil Collins, Cassettes Won’t Listen covering

Guilt By Association Vol 2 was
conceptualized and produced by Wesley Verhoeve and lends towards danceable
covers of some of the artists favorite pop songs. “We wanted to take what was
done on Volume 1 and pour it into a
cohesive framework. We’re big fans of pop music, but also of indie music and in
that sense there’s nothing ironic about this project. Together with the artists
we picked pop songs they loved that might sometimes be painted as guilty
pleasures by some (but not us), and then attempted to shine a light on them in
a way that exposes what is so awesome about these songs,” says Wes.

The Forms’s cover of Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ or My Brightest
Diamond’s take on ‘Tainted Love’, are transformed into a slamming modern indie
dance party track that fits right into today’s’ Brooklyn scene. Others like
Matt Pond PA’s version of My Chemical Romance’ “I’m Not Okay” provide us with a
quick mellow moment of melancholy.

The Guilt By Association is a
compilation series conceived by Peter Block, co-founder of Engine Room
Recordings, will release the Vol 2 on
Feb. 17th with a third not far behind. The first volume was produced by
renowned music supervisors Randall Poster and Jim Dunbar (All Wes Anderson
films, Squid & The Whale, Lost, etc.) and included tracks by indie
luminaries Devendra Banhart, Will Oldham, Petra Haden and many others. As an
overarching theme for Vol. 1 there was a moody early 90’s indie feel.



Click Here To Listen To My
Brightest Dimond Do “Tainted Love”




Notes from the bands:


Conrad Doucette of Takka Takka covers Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight”:

“I’n The Air Tonight’ is probably the darkest, and weirdest, tune Phil Collins
ever wrote. The structure of the song allowed us to drop some of our own
atmospherics onto a song already rich in atmosphere. If anything, we feel
guilty about not feeling guilty about liking this song.”


Alex of The Forms covers Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire”:

“I grew up playing classical piano and this was one of the first songs that
helped me make a transition to rock music, in a nerdy 8 year old kinda way.
It’s an impressive song. There are 7 verses and it was a real challenge for us
to continually make those interesting. It’s also compelling that the lyrics for
a song written in ’88 ring so true in an eerie way for today.”


Alex from Lowry covers Toto’s “Africa”:

“We’ve always been afraid of the return of prog rock.  That being
said, perhaps we were able to stick our fingers in the dam by releasing a song
that was already good and making it bad. LOL.  Seriously though, we really
like the song.  If anyone knows what the hell David Paich was talking
about in that song, please reach out to us. . .we’re stumped.”


Track Listing:


1. My Brightest Diamond – Tainted Love
2. The Bloodsugars – Self-Control
3. Robbers on High Street – Cool It Now
4. Frightened Rabbit – Set you Free
5. Matt Pond PA – I’m Not Okay
6. Takka Takka – In the Air Tonight
7. Kaki King – I Think She Knows
8. Francis And The Lights – Can’t Tell Me Nothing
9. Lowry – Africa
10. The Forms – We Didn’t Start The Fire Final Mix
11. Rafter – If You Leave
12. Cassettes Won’t Listen – Need You Tonight
13. Jukebox the Ghost – It’s A Beautiful Life
14. Max Vernon – I Kissed a Girl


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