Coldplay-Satriani Spat Redux


Industry watchdog Bob Lefsetz weighs in.


Fred Mills



heard any good news lately? Maybe that Joe Satriani-sues-Coldplay-for-plagiarism
that’s all over the web? Music biz observer/gadfly Bob Lefsetz sure heard
about it, and what’s more, he compared the two tunes: “It’s the same damn song!”
concludes Lefsetz. See below for what he has to say about the matter. Maybe
Coldplay should hire HIM to handle their business affairs since apparently
nobody competent is these days. Come to think of it, Tom Cruise could use him





Lefsetz writes:



George Harrison can go to court and lose, what makes Chris Martin and his team
think they can win this one?  Especially
with YouTube on Satriani’s side?



like sampling.  Clear the license.  Pay the man. 
Coldplay could have paid Satriani and the world wouldn’t be the
wiser.  How many people know the original



in Coldplay heard it.  That’s what you
need to prove liability.  Access.  If Satriani was a guy working in an amp
repair shop in Cincinnati,
Coldplay would have a leg to stand on. 
But he’s a guitar geek’s guitar hero. 
Along with Eric Johnson and the rest of the shredders the mainstream is
unaware of but the maestros salivate over. 
Coldplay absolutely can’t win this case. 
Or even if they possibly could, their image has already been shredded.



this video (below).



admit, when wind of this story first started blowing through my inbox I took it
with a grain of salt.  Isn’t everybody
claiming they’re being ripped off?  Then
I watched the video, and I cracked up. 



Coldplay paid Kraftwerk when they took that band’s riff on their previous
album, why not pay Satriani here?



is not a monetary issue, this is a public relations issue.  This is how Tom Cruise got in trouble.  He’s a twit who had an incredible PR
person.  But then he fired her and now we
know Tom Cruise is an adolescent with behavior problems and his career has been
irreparably harmed.  I don’t know how you
control this story at this point.  But
Coldplay needs to hire a strategist.  This
is the biggest music story on the Web right now.  Chris Martin’s image was already inches above
the toilet.  Do I think that Coldplay
INTENTIONALLY ripped off Satriani? 
No.  But that’s not how the law
works.  Give Joe a piece of the
action.  I’d say to even invite him up on
stage to play his part.  But that’ll just
let the Coldplay fans without Internet access in on this crime.




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