Chinese Band Eradicate Illegal Downloads in China



You gotta admit, “Brain Failure” has to be
the most awesome band name that’s come down the pike in years!


By Fred



Tokyo’s Bad News Music Publishing Co.,
Inc. has hooked up with the China’s biggest digital music distributor company,
R2G (located in Beijing, China) to release their Chinese punk band Brain
Failure’s new album “Downtown Production” in digital format. Their new album “Downtown Production” arrived earlier
this month, on Dec.2, along with their other works for the first
time in China.


According to Bad News, they are working
with the Beijing band in the digital realm as
part of an ongoing effort to combat illegal downloads, which is well-documented
as being rampant in China.
Most estimates suggest that piracy of recorded music overshadows legitimate purchases
by a factor of at least 2 to 1. So while we’re not completely clear on how this
move by Bad News and Brain Failure will help stem the tide, we applaud any and
all such efforts.


The scoop on the band:


Formed by Xiao Rong
(Vo. & Gu) in Beijing, China in 1997. They have released
two full albums in US, Japan,
and China.
They have played at the biggest US music festival Vans Warped Tour and toured
throughout US with Dropkick Murphys, Stiff Little Fingers, etc. (they have done
more than 300 shows), and played with Nine Inch Nails at Beijing Pop Festival
which was held in China. They also played with NOFX at Japanese music festival
Punk Spring which you can see they have played in many countries in the world.
In 2009, they are releasing their new album “Downtown Production” which
includes tracks made with Public Enemy, the legend of US Hip Hop.



And once again – just fuckin’ awesome band name! Check ‘em out at , where you can
find links for the downloads. Go to their official MySpace page (
for sound samples and some  pretty cool
video clips, too.  




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