Black Lips Want YOU (+199,999,999 more)





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YouTube lately, kids?


By Blurt Staff



Okay, so we’re not exactly certain about that calculation
above; subtracting “one’ from 200 million thousand sorta gave us a headache, so
we gave up. At any rate, the Black Lips have a new album (as previously
announced in this space
) called 200
Million Thousand
, due Feb. 24 from Vice. And in a unique twist on the
already-cliched-ask-the-fans-to-create-videos angle, they are looking to get
200 million thousand videos for first single, “Starting Over.”


Wow, that is a lot of fucking bandwidth we’re talking if 200
million thousand people upload clips. Who’s gonna pay for that?


The contest will run until the 200 million thousandth video
has been submitted. Or until February 15th. Whichever comes first. So get


Go HERE to download a free MP3 of the song.


Submissions can be uploaded to ( starting Jan. 12.


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