Beasties’ “Boutique” Deluxe Reish


Comes with intriguing
track-by-track commentary, too.


By Fred Mills


The year was 1989, and it was the followup to the mega-hit License To Ill. The Beastie Boys’ sophomore platter Paul’s
was perhaps destined to be a relative failure in the wake of its
predecessor’s over-the-top success, but hardcore hip-hop fans, deejays and
musos alike all knew that the Dust Brothers-produced record was something special
and it’s since attained near-heroic status among Beasties acolytes.


Now comes a remastered edition of the album, complete with
restored artwork – Rolling Stone describes it as “an eco-friendly, eight-panel digipak displaying a panoramic
view of the intersection at Rivington and Ludlow in New York City’s Lower East
Side” – plus a fold-out poster. There won’t be any bonus cuts, but what’s cool
is that purchasers will be able to obtain a free download of a “directors’
commentary”-like audio file that has the three Beasties describing and talking
about individual songs as they play in the background.


A new Beastie Boys album is reportedly due in May



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