Avett Brothers’ Dad Does Gospel Album


All proceeds go to a worthwhile charity.


By Fred Mills



From Ramseur
Records, home of the mighty Avett Brothers, comes Jim Avett and Family. It features the Avetts themselves – Seth and
Scott, plus partner Bob Crawford, along with Avetts associates Joe Kwon on
cello and Nelson Mullis on guitar – along with their sister Bonnie and their
dad Jim.


It’s a gospel album
with a decided North Carolina bent, and it’s
for a good cause, too: all of the proceeds will be given to Kid’s First of the Carolinas: http://www.kidsfirstofthecarolinas.com.


‘Tis the season to
be generous. ‘Nuf said. Here’s are the details from the label, and you can get
more info about the album and how to order it at www.ramseurrecords.net .










Jim Avett and Family is a gospel
album by a retired welder, his daughter and two sons.  He is not only a
welder of course. He, like any man, is more than his career, more than his
working business.  He is a farmer. He is an ex-psychology professor. He is
a husband of forty years and a father of thirty-five.  He draws.  He
cuts and bails his own hay for his own cows.  From 1967 to 1971, he served
in the United States
Navy.  He is a dedicated family man.  He has worked with neglected
children and broken households as a social worker. He has built bridges of
steel and a home of lumber. Oh yes, he sings and picks the guitar as well.



With this record, he
has done so with his family in mind, so that his children’s children and so on
will have a way to know a little of who he is, who he was.  Perhaps
fittingly, it is by his own children’s encouragement that it is now available
to the general public.  For all of what he is, this collection of tunes is
a glimpse into his sentiment and history; the son of a preacher and a pianist,
who as a boy, sat in the pews and heard not only his father’s sermons, but
these songs as well. Now, he has sung them with the tape rolling, as honest and
rough-cut as it gets, and anyone may listen.



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