Amanda Palmer in Belly Beef w/Roadrunner


Dresden Dolls
songstress has a belly, er, a beef with her label.


By Fred Mills


BLURT fave Amanda Palmer, of the Dresden Dolls, issue a
spankingly fine record this year and we told you all about it in our feature and exclusive video shoot. Meanwhile, word arrives of a tangled tale of
intrigue and mistrust between Palmer and her record label, Roadrunner.


Palmer has outlined the whole story quite exhaustively at
her official blog, so rather than to try to cannibalize it for you, we suggest
you go straight to the source. The bottom line, as things stand right now, is
that Palmer isn’t too happy with Roadrunner, and although she’s still
contractually bound to the label she has asked to be released. The label hasn’t
publicly commented yet.







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