About Damn Time: DMX Off To Jail


But only gets 90 days
in the slammer…


By Fred Mills


The thug life came to an end for yet another rapper
yesterday in Phoenix when DMX (aka Earl Simmons) pleaded guilty to several
felony counts (possession of marijuana, possession of a narcotic, and felony
theft) and a misdemeanor (for animal cruelty, stemming from a search Maricopa
County deputies conducted that yielded three dead dogs).


Simmons pleaded guilty to each count and according to media
is expected to get 90 days in Maricopa County
jail, plus as-yet-unspecified probation. Hardly an equitable sentence,
considering the offenses, but hey, that’s the nature of plea bargains and, in
particular, celebrity justice.


At any rate, he’ll remain in jail until sentencing, set for
Jan. 30. Upon release he’ll be banned from owning guns or animals and must
attend an animal-offender treatment program. If he screws up, it’s off the the
slammer again for up to 10 years.


Good riddance, bro. Maybe some time in Sheriff Joe’s tent
city will do you some good. Don’t forget to wash the pink underwear they hand
ya when you’re checking in….



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