2008’s Worst Band Names…. Ever!


A.V. Club calls out
the year’s most egregious offenders….


By Fred Mills



Those astute culture vultures over at the A.V. Club are at
it again, and this one’s a corker. On a scale of 1-10 of awesomeness, I’d have
to say this one also goes to “11” – if nothing else, just for the sheer
tenacity involved in keeping track of “the worst and funniest” band names they
came across this year.


Their official “winner”? Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head (pictured, above), from Seattle. Big ups to the Nat crew!


It’s a pretty huge list, so go to the site and take a look
at the entire thing
. But for my money, some of the best picks are as follow:



Metal – (tie)
Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, Cemetery Rapist


Melodramatic Theater
Names – Druids Of Huge


Emo – Your Kisses
Cause Crashes


Funk – Weapons of
Mass DeFunktion


Truth In Advertising – Shitty Shitty Band Band


Hippie-Sounding Nonsense – Fragyle Vibes


Hey, We Smoke Pot! – Post Mortem Bong Hit


Whores, Sluts, Pussy
& Bitches, Inc
. – Gestapo Pussy Ranch






First Person – I
See Hawks In L.A.


F-Bombs – Fucked
By The State


Reworking Proper
Names & Trademarks
– Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head


Movie/TV References – Previously On Lost


Wha? – A BIG YES…
and a small no


Just Plain Stupid – We Go To 11







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