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is pleased to introduce its newest addition to our blogger community,
Widespread Panic bass player Dave


with a cynicism that came of age during the Reagan years and honed over thousands
of miles spent in vans and tour buses bouncing ideas off of equally sick and
twisted minds, A Swift Kick to the Solar
is a collection of random essays comprised of whatever the author
feels like writing at the time of deadline.


of these essays will be SATIRE of a highly tasteless nature, therefore, if you
laugh or chuckle, good for you. Perhaps you need professional help. If you’re
insulted by anything contained herein, may we suggest that you write your local
Congressman, because you’re more likely to get a response from there than you
are if you write to the author or the editors of this e-zine. But at least you
can feel good about yourself.


HERE to read  Schools’ initial entry. Panic on!


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