What’s Up, Doc: Rolling Stone Rocks!



The greatest political
cartoon of the campaign season… Ever!


By Fred Mills


So yeah, before you dial up BLURT’s therapist and tells her
that we’re out on the ledge (re: the headline above), let’s be clear: the rag
still sucks as a music publication, something no format redesign will ever able
to disguise. (Didja notice how, with the new sized-down “look” it resembles
both in layout and page count a now-defunct music publication called…. oh, what
was that mag… oh yeah, Harp…?) RS also remains the consummate industry
suck-up. Glom the Nov. 27 issue with the “100 Greatest Singers of All Time”
cover story, and first note who wrote the lead-off entry, on Aretha Franklin:
Mary J. Blige. Then turn to #100, and guess who the magazine tapped for the
final entry in this otherwise credible roll-call of vocalists: Mary J. Blige
(complete with a gratuitous quote from Sting, “She’s the true heir to Aretha
Franklin.”). We rest our case.


But man, RS kicked
holy ass during the political season, and we are not ashamed to say that we
eagerly looked forward to each issue, particularly reporter Matt Taibbi’s
lacerating exposes and essay. This latest issue has an astute postmortem on how
McSame and Van Palin participated in “one of the most incompetent, schizo
campaigns in history” that’s a must-read. And let us not forget the magazine’s
editorial cartoons and caricatures that ran throughout the campaign: the one
above, in Nov.27, depicting McCain, Palin and Obama as everybody’s favorite
Looney Tunes combatants, was the coup de


We laughed so hard we got a hernia. Can we send you the
bill, Jann? What’s up, doc!



[Vitor Juhasz illustration, above, scanned, cropped, folded
and mutilated by Brother Electronics at Blurt South; all copyright kudos to
Juhasz and Rolling Stone]


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