Tim Finn + Radiohead’s O’Brien and Selway




After the original
2001 concert, they’re back for a reunion with the new Seven Worlds Collide.


By Mandy Rodgers


In 2001, Worlds
was released after a series of five live concerts featuring New Zealand’s
Neil Finn as well as Eddie Vedder, Phil Selway and Tim Finn. Radiohead’s Phil Selway
and Ed O’Brien are set to join Finn for a follow-up series of concerts.


This series supports Oxfam International, which works to
alleviate poverty and injustice in over 100 countries. Joining the tour Seven
Worlds Collide is Johnny Marr (Modest Mouse), Sebastian Steinberg (Soul
Coughing), Lisa Germano and Liam Finn. The album recorded from these concerts
will be released in 2009. Details, including dates of the concerts and more
artists to join, are yet to be announced.





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