Sigur Rós Gets Deluxe Edition Treatment


With a buzz in our ears we will play the
album endlessly.


By Fred Mills


Due in stores next
week or now if you’re a frequenter of
the official Sigur Rós website 18 Seconds Before Sunrise
is a deluxe edition of the recent album Með suð í eyrum við spilum
. I came out in June on
XL, and yes, that’s right, you’ve barely paid off your credit card bills from
that month when you get the opportunity to buy it all over again!


But maybe it’s worth
it. According to the band’s label it’s stuffed with goodies:



  • A 200-page, cloth-bound hardback book of fine art
    photos of the band by acclaimed photographer Eva Vermandel. (These
    photos, taken in the UK,
    Mexico, Iceland and the US during the recording,
    mixing, mastering, video making, rehearsing and touring of this album,
    give fans a beautiful, intimate look into the band’s process.) Each
    edition is individually numbered.
  • Exclusive DVD: The DVD contains 2 films by
    filmmaker Nick Abrahams, one documenting the live recording of the song
    “Ara Batur” with a full orchestra and choir at London’s legendary Abbey
    Road studios, and the other a film poem, shot on Super-8, which reflects
    the power, magic and essential intangibility of the band. Together with
    the Gobbledigook video (directed by Arni and Kinski) the exclusive DVD is
    55 minutes in length.
  • A unique strip of original 16mm film from the
    Gobbledigook video
  • A cd copy of Með
    suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust



Er, that last bit isn’t exactly a special feature, but
nevermind. We’re further advised that the band “canvassed what fans wanted from
a special edition via a thread on their message board (large format pictures, a
behind the scenes film, something no-one else would own) and then set about
delivering just that.  The result is unlike anything you are likely to see
from any other band. Quite simply sensational.”


Yes. Quite.


Go HERE for more info, to check out pics of the package and
to download a trailer from the DVD.




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