Real Cool N.C. Record Show Sun!


So, sure, this is a
gratuitous plug for friends of ours – get you own web site if you don’t dig it!


By Fred Mills


Record shows. Record flea markets. Record swap meets.
Whatever you call ‘em, if you’ve ever been to one you know they’re a
gas-gas-gas, as Jumpin’ Jack Flash might put it. And if you’re in the vicinity
of North Carolina
– you know, that formerly red state that flipped this past election for Obama
and turned blue, yo! -this weekend, head over to Asheville, NC,
and check out the Second Semi-Annual
Asheville Sound Swap.
It takes place Sunday from 11 a.m. onward at the Grey
Eagle Club. Full details below.


The southern bureau of BLURT will be on hand, hanging out
and trying to talk dealers out of some rare vinyl, and a bunch of local deejays
from low-power station WPVM-FM will be in the house spinning tunes. Meanwhile,
over at the bar you’ll be able to purchase adult beverages (but bring the kids
– they got apple juice and cokes, too) as well as some tasty Cajun cooking. How
do we know all this? Because we were at the first Sound Swap that was held earlier this year. I quote myself from a port-mortem I
penned awhile back:



Not long ago I was at a local
record swap meet, and the organizers did a bang-up job. They brought in tables
on a Sunday morning to a local music venue, had a DJ set up on the stage to
entertain us with tunes (spinning albums, natch), and over at the bar refreshments
and food could be purchased. Hell, soft drinks and coffee were free until noon.
Then you could even buy beer. And while the thought of being crowded into a
room with several hundred anal-retentive music obsessives might not sound all
that appealing on paper, in execution it’s a whale of a lot of fun, whether
waxing (pun intended) nostalgically about some platter from your teenage years
that you’ve just tugged from a vendor’s crate, or marveling at how many brand
new vinyl releases are cropping up nowadays (many of them on indies that really
go the extra yard in terms of design and packaging), or simply going off on the
myriad tangents that anal-retentive music obsessives tend to go off on when
crowded into a room with one another.


anyway, here’s the scoop, straight from the organizers, the mighty cool dudes
at Harvest Records and Tomentosa Records. Make sure you track down BLURT and
say howdy. Please, no p.r. schmoozing… it’s a Sunday, after all. And shouldn’t
you really be in church?









The show is FREE to the public, and will run from 11am-5pm on Sunday, November 9th 2008 at the GREY EAGLE in Asheville, The Grey Eagle is at 185 Clingman Ave in
River Arts District.  (Google Map here.)



This show, as you know, is sponsored by us (Harvest
and our friends Tomentosa Records. Harvest is a
physical shop located up the road from the Grey Eagle (Google Map here); we will actually be closed the day of the
show, but open 11am-9pm on Saturday & Monday. Please stop by if you’re
around! Tomentosa Records (
is an online mailorder site specializing in the obscure. Check it out!!






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