Raconteurs Team w/Right Wing Nut



“He’s God’s man for
this time.” – Ricky Skaggs, on George Bush


By Fred Mills


Jack White always got a surprise or two up his sleeve, we’ll
grant him that. Why, just putting together the rockin’ Raconteurs raised a few
eyebrows (and we mean that in the most positive sense imaginable… the band
kicks ass). Barely two weeks ago White and the Raconteurs dropped yet another
7″ single, two versions of “Old Enough” (one of them acoustic and backstage at
Bonnaroo) from their latest album Consolers
of the Lonely


Now comes word that the band has recorded yet a third
version of “Old Enough,” this one in Nashville
with bluegrass superstar Ricky Skaggs and Knoxville-based songwriter Ashley
Monroe. Apparently a video was shot during the sessions as well, so watch for
that on a YouTube channel near you.


Photos from the sessions, taken by famed shutterbug Autumn DeWilde, can be viewed HERE.


Strange bedfellows are nothing new in the world of music, of
course, and one should always welcome the meetings-of-minds that can yield
unusual and inspiring musical collaborations.


At the same time, it never hurts to be reminded of the
personalities behind the music – a little perspective and context, in other
words. And there’s some whoppingly fine context for Skaggs, to say the least.
This is a life-long card-carrying Republican who’s been a vocal supporter of
George W. Bush from the get-go, and has made outrageous, inflammatory
statements from the stage that would have you believe that Dubya strides
arm-in-arm with Our Savior The Lord Jesus, is blessed by divine inspiration,
and operates literally on a day-to-day basis of divine intervention.


Here are a few choice Skaggs quotes he made a couple of
years ago to Baptist Press (read the
entire article HERE – a Google or two will net you plenty of other similar



  • “I’m
    not ashamed to share the stage with our wonderful president. I’m not ashamed
    to be seen with him. I may not be politically correct. I don’t care. I
    love him. I pray for him. He’s God’s man for this time.”
  • “Long
    before he was elected, we just had a feeling in our heart that he was the
    right person. We heard him speak. We heard things about him. We knew he
    was a Christian man… I felt like that was who I certainly wanted to get
    behind and support, especially in light of what we had had eight years
    before in the White House.”
  • “It’s
    just a great thing to know that he loves the Lord, that he seeks God for
    decisions. The wind of controversy and public opinion does not blow him to
    the left or to the right. It does not move him one way or the other, and I
    pray that it doesn’t.”



Er, Ricky, if Bush has been getting his policy decisions directly
from God, then either God gave him some seriously fucked up advice, or there
was some static on the line and he misheard the Big Man… How’s your 401[k]
doing these days, by the way? Know any families whose sons came home in body



But hey, can’t we all just get along? The election’s over,
after all. Well, that depends on how deep the scars of the past eight years run
for you, now, doesn’t it? Bush
certainly was the “man for this time”
in one sense. You betcha. So all you Republicans out there still have a lot to
answer for that.



By the way, we have absolutely no verification whatsoever
that Brooks & Dunn are planning to record a White Stripes tribute album….



[Photo Credit: Autumn DeWilde]


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