Porcupine Tree’s Wilson w/Solo Rec



Steven Wilson releases
solo album next year


By Mandy Rodgers


Born in England,
Steven Wilson’s musical influences came at an early age, particularly when his
mom and dad bought each other differing albums for Christmas. His dad received
Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon,
and his mom got Donna Summer’s Love to
Love You Baby
. As Wilson
listened to both albums intently, these musical styles meshed and influenced
his own musical creations, like the critically acclaimed prog-rock band,
Porcupine Tree. He started Porcupine Tree to be a solo effort, but he’s gotten
help from several musicians over the band’s history and nine albums.



is also a member of other bands, including Blackfield, No-Man and Bass
Communion, but he felt the music written for this effort would be best released
solo. Insurgents was recorded in two
years across the world from Mexico City to Japan to Israel and has ten new tracks from
anthems to ballads to experimental efforts.



Though the record is set to hit on February 10, a deluxe
(read: expensive) high-quality version expected to be released in late
November. Two versions are available, one CD and one vinyl, both contained in a
hardback book with photos and including bonus records. For more information or
to preorder visit, www.insurgentes.org.



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