Pitchfork Rips Corgan a New Asshole



All in the name of
drawing eyes, folks, it’s all about drawing eyes….


By Fred “Meta” Mills



The Smashing Pumpkins are in the midst of their 20th Anniversary Tour, complete with alternating setlist whenever they play
back-to-back dates in the same city, loads of unreleased material being
unveiled, and an expanded lineup that includes a second keyboardist, a horn
section and a multi-instrumental string player. The tour kicked off October 31
and wraps December 3 with two nights in Los
Angeles; see below, after the break, for additional


Meanwhile, there’s that little matter of the headline,
above. Pitchfork, in an editorial this morning, called the tour a “shitshow”
citing “poor setlist choices” and “awful-sounding music” (subjective
assessments, but hey), but mainly laying into leader Billy Corgan for his
supposed meltdown in Chicago the other night and an ensuing rant captured for
all posterity on YouTube (see below) and presumed intentions on the frontman’s
part ot “confuse and infuriate” his audience.


“I don’t buy that this intentional audience befuddling is
some kind of pure pursuit of an artistic muse,” wrote the Pitchfork reporter.
“It seems like the flailing around of an artist who has declined and is
unwilling to face that truth even when his own fans proclaim it so by
their reactions to his art.”


And then on and on and on, psychoanalyzing Corgan – as the
article-cited Stereogum also did – before essentially concluding that the
Pumpkins and Corgan in particular are irrelevant, uninteresting and going


All one website’s opinion, of course, but – meow! Assume the
fetal position, Billy!


Dontcha love a good catfight? So much for Pitchfork giving
the Pumpkins plenty of hometown love like they useta! Here’s hoping Corgan will
have some responses on his blog, which appears not to have been updated in
nearly a month.






Smashing Pumpkins
tour info:



The 20th Anniversary Tour line-up is: BILLY
(guitars); GINGER POOLEY (bass); LISA HARRINGTON (keyboards); KRIS POOLEY
(keyboards); STEPHEN BRADLEY (horns); GABRIAL MCNAIR (horns); and GINGGER
SHANKAR (strings).



The five-week run is being highlighted by multi-night stops
in such cities as Chicago, Toronto,
New York, Washington,
Boston, Kansas
City and Los Angeles
(a special two-night ticket bundle will be available for all multi-night
engagements). In Chicago–where
BILLY CORGAN and JIMMY CHAMBERLIN continue to be based–the Pumpkins are
playing four sold-out shows at two different venues.  In cities where the
band is set to play one night, they plan to deliver a unique one-off set.



Before the tour kicked off, the band performed their new
single “G.L.O.W.”– the #1 most
added song at Modern Rock radio its first week out and now positioned at #12 on
the Modern Rock chart–on two TV shows: SPIKE TV’s “Scream Awards” and on
ABC-TV’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”  Now independent artists who are releasing
music in unconventional ways,
the pioneering and influential Pumpkins are making “G.L.O.W” available via the Guitar
Hero® World Tour
game.  This marks the first time a band has recorded
a new song exclusively for the franchise which will be released afterwards, giving Guitar Hero® fans
exclusive access to Smashing Pumpkins music before anyone else.  In the Rolling Stone review of
“G.L.O.W.,” Kyle Anderson wrote: “This monster, which
will appear on Guitar Hero: World Tour, plows over Billy Corgan’s
late-blooming prog sensibilities to make way for a volcanic Siamese Dream-style
riff and an end-of-days bass roll” (11/13/08).





Remaining Tour



Chicago, IL                             
Auditorium Theatre

Chicago, IL                             
Auditorium Theatre

Kansas City, MO                    
Midland Theatre 

Kansas City, MO                    
Midland Theatre

St. Louis, MO                         
Fox Theatre

Las Vegas, NV                       
The Pearl

San Diego, CA                       

Los Angeles, CA                    
Gibson Amphitheatre

Los Angeles, CA                    
Gibson Amphitheatre







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