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Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby Mystery Solved!



Elusive document on
the auction block today.


By Fred Mills


Everybody’s heard “Eleanor Rigby” – at the time of its
release in 1966, the song marked a major stylistic departure for the Fab Four,
and a groundbreaking moment for composer Paul McCartney. Over the years Macca
has claimed there was no biographical content to the tune, that it was entirely
fictional (although he also indicated he might have spotted the unusual name “Eleanor
Rigby” on a tombstone at some point).


Recently, however, a Liverpool hospital payroll sheet dating
back to 1911 and bearing the signature of a maid “E. Rigby” surfaced and it’s
being auctioned today in London.


According to a report in the Los Angeles Times the document was donated to a music charity by
McCartney back in 1990, and it’s expected to take as much as $750,000 at
auction for the Sunbeams Music Trust, a charity that helps people with special
needs receive music instruction. Tom Owen of the Fame Bureau auction house told
reporters that he believes the “E. Rigby” of the document was the same “Eleanor
Rigby” buried in 1939 at a Liverpool graveyard
known to both McCartney and John Lennon.


Said Owen, “I’ve spoken to the person who lived in the
house where she used to live, and they’ve confirmed that the signature is the
same signature of the person in the graveyard. It’s intriguing that McCartney
owned it because he says he created the song around a fictitious figure. And
yet, how did he have this document and why did he have it? When he was asked to
donate money, he sent this.”


No word from the Macca camp regarding how he got the
document and why he donated it.



Matt Pond PA w/Free EP Offer


‘Tis the season to be


By Blurt Staff




The mighty Matt Pond PA has a new EP available, and whattaya
know, it’s being given away for FREE as a download at the official website: . It’s titled,
sensibly enough, The Free EP (aka “The



This holiday season we’re seeing loads of similar, gracious
offerings to fans – maybe everyone availing themselves of these artists’
generous could put aside a little coin to donate to a local charity or
something in honor of the spirit, eh?



From the band:




Mister P. and his party have taken themselves captive to
become the their own producers, manufacturers, and distributors. It was a
deferential revolt against inertia, a clearing of the throat to answer the
quiet. Or maybe it was an inevitable reaction to seeing Pat Garrett and Billy
the Kid.  

In adherence to their demands, these songs were recorded in a cabin in Bearsville, NY,
as a simple sonic manifestation of their opinions concerning the arguable value
of a waterlogged paperback.  

A Free EP prospectively titled: The Dawn before the Dark Leaves or Water off a
Black Dog’s Back or Amazing Life or Butterfly Mornings and Wildflower
Afternoons or May we never go go mental, may we always stay stay gentle or The
Fear of not Being Afraid or The Warmth Within the Warren or Dreaming of
Sleeping or Saying It to Keep It From Happening or This is not the Dark Leaves
or Living for Liv Ullman or The Odds of a Sunrise or Whispering Pines or You’ll
be the Rhythm and I’ll be the Beat and I’ll be the Rhythm and You’ll be the
Beat or The Grass Harp or Goodbye Barcelona or Why is my copy of the Moviegoer
Floating in a Puddle Beside the Car.

Or simply, The Freeep.



Reunion Madness: Jesus Lizard For ATP!



A cautionary news item in four parts.


Fred Mills



“In what has to rank as one of the most
unlikely developments in rock…”
Thus began the umpteenth email of the
morning at BLURT, Inc. But this is a different kind of email….


“The awe-inspiring primal force of the Jesus
Lizard will return, briefly, in 2009. The original lineup of David Yow, Duane
Denison, David Wm. Sims and Mac McNeilly will reform for a very limited series
of live dates in 2009, starting with the All Tomorrows Parties event dubbed The
Fans Strike Back in Minehead, UK on May 9 and 10 and ending with a final
appearance in Chicago in late November.”


Yow! (No pun intended.) It also has to rank as one of the
most unlikely coincidences we’ve had
around these parts lately: just yesterday we kicked off the latest BLURT poll –
that thing running down the left-hand margin of our homepage – in which we
query you, gentle readers, the following: “Band reunions have been all the rage
of late – can you spell NKOTB? – and things may hit critical mass (Phish, et
al) in 2009. We say feh! Reunions suck, dude! Which of these rumored reunions
would you want to personally beg the members NOT to mount?”



The choices were provide you are Pavement, Led Zeppelin
w/new frontman, The Kinks, My Bloody Valentine (whoops! too late!), Blink-182,
The Smiths, Sublime w/new frontman, Faith No More, Klaatu and Creed w/ANY
frontman. Had we known the Lizard was also in the running we surely would have
included them in that list, so when you do go to cast your Blurtballot, feel
free to submit an additional “write-in” at the comments section of the poll



That said, you can bet we’ll be on hand for this particular
reunion one way or another. Last time we saw Jesus Lizard we were, like, 8
years old and wearing imitation Docs and our older brother’s flannel shirt!



More on the Liz:


“These shows will be the Jesus Lizards first
since disbanding in 1999 and the first in twelve years to feature the original
storied quartet. As anyone who has experienced the Jesus Lizard live can
attest, they are one of the most intense and visceral musical assemblies to
ever stalk a stage. This fleeting reunion offers an incredible opportunity to
either be blown away all over again or to immerse yourself in the sweaty power
and driving mayhem for the very first time.”


still more:


“In celebration of this event, Touch and Go
Records will reissue four full-length releases from the Jesus Lizard in May
2009. Remastered recordings of Head,
Goat, Liar, and Down
will be available on both LP and CD, all with expanded packaging and liner
notes. Bob Weston is heading up the remastering process with Steve Albini, the
original session engineer, sitting in.”



Oh, the guilt!



Video for “Nub”:




Michael Lee RIP: 1969-2008


Drummer with Robert
Plant, Echo & Bunnymen, Cult and others.



By Fred Mills



Veteran session and touring drummer Michael Lee has died at
the age of 39. He was apparently in Australia at the time but no
details have yet been released regarding the cause of death; conflicting
reports indicate the date of his passing as Nov. 24 or 25.


Lee (born Gary Pearson), of course, worked extensively with
Robert Plant during Plant’s solo career throughout the ‘90s, additionally appearing
on the two Page & Plant albums Unledded and Walking Into Clarksdale. He also
wielded a significant presence with other bands, mannig the kit at various
points for Echo & the Bunnymen, the Cult and Thin Lizzy.


He was born in 1969 in Newcastle Upon Tyne,England, and
following a stint working in a music store he bought a drumkit and quickly
landed jobs in covers bands, eventually spending time in LA, San Francisco and
London – the latter, where he got his first big break when joined hard rock
outfit Little Angels in 1988. From that point, after being noticed within the
industry, he landed the Cult gig, which led to the Robert Plant connection.




Andrew Bird w/Double CD In Jan.



Plus North American tour kicking
off around the same time.



By Blurt




Bird new studio album Noble Beast gets a January 20 release on Fat Possum, and it  will also be available in a very limited deluxe
2-CD edition that will also include Useless
, a bonus disc of original instrumental works featuring
collaborations with Glenn Kotche and Todd Sickafoose.



deluxe edition, which will be available exclusively to physical retailers, will
feature a custom package including extra photos, a fold-out poster, and a
24-page lyric booklet illustrated by Diana Sudyka.

Track listings::
Noble Beast:

1.) Oh No
2.) Masterswarm
3.) Fitz and the Dizzyspells
4.) Effigy
5.) Tenuousness
6.) Nomenclature
7.) ouo
8.) Not a Robot, But a Ghost
9.) Unfolding Fans
10.) Anonanimal
11.) Natural Disaster
12.) The Privateers
13.) Souverian
14.) On Ho

Useless Creatures:

1.) Master Sigh
2.) You Woke Me Up!
3.) Nyatiti
4.) The Barn Tapes
5.) Carrion Suite
6.) Spinney
7.) Dissent
8.) Hot Math
9.) Sigh Master

As previously outlined in this space, tickets are now on sale for the first leg
of a North American tour in support of Noble
, beginning with Bird’s first ever headline engagement at Carnegie
Hall on January 28.  This run of theater headlines will be opened by Loney
Dear with the exception of Carnegie Hall, which will feature Dosh as support.





Beirut Readying Double EP for Feb.


Technically a split
record featuring Beirut
and Realpeople.



By Blurt Staff




Pompeii Records will be dropping March of the Zapotec, the new double EP from Beirut, on Feb.
26.  Split between new Beirut material recorded in Mexico
with the help of a Oaxacan marching band, and solo material by Zach Condon (under
the name Realpeople, his old nom du
rawk, but for reasons known only to him), this album-length double release
represents the entirety of Zach Condon’s work over the past year.



Here’s the scoop, direct from Pompeii:



In the year 2008, Beirut alternated between
the two extremes of the modern musician; touring the world in support of 2007’s
much-lauded The Flying Club Cup, and nurturing
the creative spark by writing a wealth of new material.  With no sense of
a release in mind, bandleader Zach Condon recorded in any style that struck his
fancy.  Some early discussions about recording material for a film being
shot in Mexico morphed into a new idea…what about hiring a local Mexican band
to help record some songs based on new material?

After finding the band through a friend’s mother, hiring a translator, and
catching a plane down to Oaxaca, Zach made his
way to the tiny weaver village
of Teotitlan del Valle,
where he met the nineteen members of The Jimenez Band.  The ensuing weeks
of recording, rewriting and relating are documented in a series of short films
(to be released online as the release date for March of the Zapotec draws
near). The second part of the release, Holland,
collects a series of new home recordings done by Zach under his old moniker,
Realpeople, and gives the listener a unique perspective on yet another side of
Zach’s artistic vision.

Whether he’s being inspired by Balkan folk, French chanteuse, Mexican
troubadour, ’80s synth pop, or ’90s house, the common thread remains Zach’s
ability to make a simple melody both artistically unique and endlessly
familiar.  March of the Zapotec marks the continuing emergence of a
musician who has only shown an inkling of where he is headed.

What’s Up, Doc: Rolling Stone Rocks!



The greatest political
cartoon of the campaign season… Ever!


By Fred Mills


So yeah, before you dial up BLURT’s therapist and tells her
that we’re out on the ledge (re: the headline above), let’s be clear: the rag
still sucks as a music publication, something no format redesign will ever able
to disguise. (Didja notice how, with the new sized-down “look” it resembles
both in layout and page count a now-defunct music publication called…. oh, what
was that mag… oh yeah, Harp…?) RS also remains the consummate industry
suck-up. Glom the Nov. 27 issue with the “100 Greatest Singers of All Time”
cover story, and first note who wrote the lead-off entry, on Aretha Franklin:
Mary J. Blige. Then turn to #100, and guess who the magazine tapped for the
final entry in this otherwise credible roll-call of vocalists: Mary J. Blige
(complete with a gratuitous quote from Sting, “She’s the true heir to Aretha
Franklin.”). We rest our case.


But man, RS kicked
holy ass during the political season, and we are not ashamed to say that we
eagerly looked forward to each issue, particularly reporter Matt Taibbi’s
lacerating exposes and essay. This latest issue has an astute postmortem on how
McSame and Van Palin participated in “one of the most incompetent, schizo
campaigns in history” that’s a must-read. And let us not forget the magazine’s
editorial cartoons and caricatures that ran throughout the campaign: the one
above, in Nov.27, depicting McCain, Palin and Obama as everybody’s favorite
Looney Tunes combatants, was the coup de


We laughed so hard we got a hernia. Can we send you the
bill, Jann? What’s up, doc!



[Vitor Juhasz illustration, above, scanned, cropped, folded
and mutilated by Brother Electronics at Blurt South; all copyright kudos to
Juhasz and Rolling Stone]


Tim Finn + Radiohead’s O’Brien and Selway




After the original
2001 concert, they’re back for a reunion with the new Seven Worlds Collide.


By Mandy Rodgers


In 2001, Worlds
was released after a series of five live concerts featuring New Zealand’s
Neil Finn as well as Eddie Vedder, Phil Selway and Tim Finn. Radiohead’s Phil Selway
and Ed O’Brien are set to join Finn for a follow-up series of concerts.


This series supports Oxfam International, which works to
alleviate poverty and injustice in over 100 countries. Joining the tour Seven
Worlds Collide is Johnny Marr (Modest Mouse), Sebastian Steinberg (Soul
Coughing), Lisa Germano and Liam Finn. The album recorded from these concerts
will be released in 2009. Details, including dates of the concerts and more
artists to join, are yet to be announced.





CHANNEL GUIDE: Wed – Weiland

Compiled by Blurt Staff


206 digital, satellite and hi-def channels and nothin’ on?
Not likely. Here are BLURT’s top music television picks of the day. The time is
followed by the network/cable/satellite channel, then the name of the program
and/or featured artist(s). All times are EST. For a comprehensive hour-by-hour
listing, go to the VH1 Rock On TV site.
Note that for certain channels, shows frequently repeat during the day on or
subsequent days.







9:00 AM SYN: The Tyra Banks Show: Beyoncé


10:00 AM Great American Country: Master Series:  Rodney Crowell


11:45 AM IFC: Henry Rollins Uncut: Northern Ireland


2:30 PM FUEL: The Daily Habit: Dimmu Borgir


7:00 PM Ovation: Blur


8:00 PM PLD HD: mtvU Woodie Awards w/Santogold , Vampire
Weekend , Lykke Li , All Time Low , Chromeo , The Cool Kids


11:00 PM VH1C: The U.S. vs. John Lennon


11:35 PM CBS: The Late Show With David Letterman: Ludacris ,


11:35 PM NBC: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Seal , Heidi


12:00 AM FUEL: The Daily Habit: The Little Ones



12:05 AM ABC: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Scott Weiland



12:35 AM NBC: Late Night with Conan O’Brien: Plain White T’s


12:37 AM CBS: The Late Late Show With Craig
Ferguson: Adele



1:35 AM NBC: Last Call with Carson Daly: The Airborne Toxic Event



George Bush DOES Care About Black People!



Next up: give the White
House a spiffy paint job over the holidays prior to the Obamas moving in….


By Fred Mills


President Bush yesterday pardoned imprisoned producer/Fugees
member John Forte for his conviction for cocaine possession with intent to
distribute. It marked a stunning attitudinal turnaround for Mr. Bush, who
through 8 years of his administration’s outrageous neglect of anyone not very
white and very rich had earned a (deserved) reputation for not exactly being
down with the African-American community.


As Kanye West put it a few years ago in the Katrina
aftermath during an NBC telethon, “George Bush does not care about black


But by letting a convicted African-American drug dealer out of the slammer as
he nears the end of his term, Bush finally demonstrated the compassion and
empathy we’ve always demanded from our leaders. Perhaps his first move after
returning to Texas
will be to put up a tent city on his sprawling ranch where still-displaced
Katrina victims can start over again?


The Grammy-winning Forte was busted in 2000 at Newark airport with 31 pounds of coke in his briefcases
and was later sentenced to 14 years in Fort Dix.
He’s now looking at a December 22 release seven years early but will be
monitored after his release for a five years supervised probation period. Merry
Christmas, John – but let’s not make it a white Christmas this year, if you
know what we sayin’ hmm?




On a more serious note: 
isn’t just about FUCKING TIME THAT LEONARD PELTIER was freed from prison
after more then 30 years behind bars? His murder convictions remain highly
contentious and tons of questions linger – the Forte case was pretty cut and dry, if you get right down to it.