NME With Dumb/Fun Britney Spears Contest



This news item might
be a shameless ploy to generate web traffic via meta-tag “Britney Spears”…


By Fred Mills



Hello punters. Still stuffed like a turkey? Planning on
getting some outdoor exercise (like the, uh, Black Friday Crawl…) today and
work it off? We’re planning on gobbling some ‘roids then heading to the gym to
stare at all the other bloated bodies. But first, this most excellent index
finger exercise.


Click over to NME.com and check out their Britney Spears
contest. It’s a lead-up to next week’s release of (yawn) Circus, already being reported on by such fine outlets as USA Today as some kinda career-rehab
move. But how can you kill her when she’s already dead?


At any rate, the name of the game is to come up with
Britney-related band names. Everybody likes a good list, the sillier the
better, right? Here’s what the NME editors and some of the readers have posted
today, and you can enter your own selections.


(Our personal submission? From
the Bottom of My Broken Crazy Penis… but we digress.)



I’m A Slave 4 U2
Baby D One
More Time

Spears For


Joan As
Police Womanizer

Slade 4 You
Born To Make
You Happy Mondays

I Love Rock
N’ Roll Deep

Toxic Event

The Joy of
Pepsi and Shirley

I’m So
Curious-ity Killed The Cat

Amazing Baby
One More Time

Born To Make
You Happy Mondays

Kooks I Did it Again

Frank Blackout and the Catholics

Gimme Morcheeba

Fucked Up

Babyshambles One More Time

Soda Pop Will Eat Itself

You Drive me Crazy

Britney Spears Of Destiny


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