New Von Bondies LP Due In Feb.


You love ‘em, you hate ‘em… who knows!


By Blurt Staff


Jack White’s second favorite Detroit
band the Von Bondies have just announced their third studio album (and their
debut for Majordomo/Shout! Factory), expansively titled Love, Hate and Then There’s You. It’s due Feb. 3 and is described
by the band’s handlers as picking up “from the tighter, more nuanced sound of
the Von Bondies’ huge 2004 hit single “C’mon C’mon”… a Von Bondies album with a
renewed sense of purpose, as illustrated by the riff-happy tracks like the
first single “Pale Bride” and the anthemic leadoff track “This Is Our Perfect
Crime,” and they also captivate the listener on pounders like “I Don’t Wanna.”




According to VB leader Jason Stollsteimer, who, along with drummer Don
Blum, is one of two remaining founding members (a new bassist, Leann Banks,
recently signed on), “It’s a new band. You don’t want to avoid your history but
it is a new direction. It wasn’t on purpose. It’s just where we were
going.” The album was produced by song doctor Butch Walker along with Rick
Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club).



The group devoted most of this year to touring in support of their We Are Kamikazes EP. They inked a deal
with Majordomo after appearing at SXSW in Austin
and also put a good deal of time into fine-tuning new material. Explains
Stollsteimer, “The songs are kind of sinister-sounding but there’s this overall
lift feeling to them,” he says. “There’s always going to be bad days but
hopefully you’re not going to have a cynical person that only remembers the
bad. And you need bad days to realize what’s good in life. I try to put that in


Incidentally, you can preview a number of the newer songs at the band’s MySpace page….


Track Listing:



  1. This Is Our Perfect Crime
  2. Shut Your Mouth
  3. Pale Bride
  4. Only To Haunt You
  5. 21st Birthday
  6. She’s Dead To Me
  7. Chancer
  8. Blame Game
  9. I Don’t Wanna
  10. Accidents Will Happen
  11. Earthquake
  12. Modern Saints



[Photo Credit: Kevin Knight]




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