Letterman Has a Laugh on YOU



Raft of tribute bands
on the show this week causing fanboy’s hairy palms to turn grey…


By Fred Mills



Okay, okay, we’ll let you in on the joke too: in our daily
TV listings we had Prince appearing on the The
Late Show With David Letterman
Monday night, followed by Johnny Cash last
night, and finally Guns N’ Roses tonight. Emails ensued. We kept a poker face.
Prince, sure; he’s weird enough to do it on a whim. And Axl Rose as well, not
to mention the fact that he might be feeling at least a tiny bit of marketing
pressure for Chinese Democracy, which
is being unveiled via listening parties across the country this week, followed
by the official release next week.


But seriously folks – Johnny
?!? What, you were expecting a hologram, or one of those ghastly Nat
King Cole/Natalie Cole duets cobbled together with film restoration and digital


Let’s summarize what we know thus far: “Prince” was tribute
band Purple Reign, and the Cash aesthetic was tackled by the Cold Hard Cash
band. Tonight’s Gunners gig is held down by the fairly well known trib act Mr.
Brownstone, with tomorrow night’s Neil Diamond slot manned by a group called
Super Diamond (love that name, guys). Friday, though, is a James Brown revue by
The Allstarz, so be very, very afraid.


And maintain that red face, too, bro.






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