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Latest installment in
his wildly popular “Their System Doesn’t Work For You” blog….


By Blurt Staff


We’ve got Anti-Flag frontman Justin Sane’s newest blog entry
posted over in the BLURT blogs (makes sense) – this time out, it’s titled “I’m
Not Giving Obama A Free Pass, Neither Should You,” and it’s easily his most
thoughtful commentary to date.


In it, he urges us as citizens to both support the
President-elect but to also be mindful of how things unfold in the new
administration, and most important, to let your voice be heard. Writes Sane,
“There are measures we can take to influence President-elect Obama, and the
first step in that process is for each and everyone of us to write and/or call
him when we feel he is on target and when we feel he is not. I am personally
committed to this action, starting today, and I urge you to do the same on the
issues that matter most to you; be it the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, health
care, education, the environment, energy, gay rights, the Supreme Court, Wall
Street giveaways, military recruiters in schools, Federal Communications
Commission reform (the Fairness Doctrine) – any and every issue you hold near
and dear.”


To read the entire blog, go HERE.


Meanwhile, don’t forget to read (or download) the November
issue of the BLURT digital magazine – just click on the magazine image in the
right-hand corner of our homepage – as we have a political roundtable
discussion with Justin Sane, Tom Morello and Danny Goldberg.





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