Joe Arthur: Mo’ ‘Rama for Obama


Writes special song,
films video, in honor of the election win.


By Fred Mills




Let’s see, something special happened on the night of Nov.4…
hmmm…. Oh yeah, that’s right. Apparently Joseph Arthur’s dad was pretty chuffed
to, so he called his son up, they yakked about Obama, and then Arthur wrote a
song, “Change Has Come.”


He subsequently performed the song two nights later at the Music Hall of Williamsburg before what we’re told was
“an enthusiastically rowdy and hopeful audience.” No shit.


A few hours later there was a “guerilla video shoot” at
5:00am at Brooklyn
Bridge Park
– otherwise known as “Jo’s Place.”


View the live video below. Change, yeah. True.



“Change Has Come’ – studio version:


Arthur’s album Temporary
will no doubt figure prominently in this year’s BLURT year-end Top
50, coming to a friendly neighborhood website near you very soon….







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