Jim Morrison Eligible For AARP



Famed Hollywood
venue to throw posthumous 65th birthday party.


by Blurt Staff



On December 8th, Jim Morrison would turn 65, if he was still
alive.  It’s hard to imagine the 1960’s
happening so long ago that one of its pioneering figures would be retirement
age if he had survived the decade. Barney’s Beanery, a favorite West Hollywood
hangout of Morrison’s will help him usher in social security age by throwing
him a party that he probably would have gotten falling down drunk at.



In the late ‘60s, Morrison and Janis Joplin were regulars at
Barney’s Beanery, with Jim famously barred from the dining establishment for
allegedly urinating on the bar.  Barney’s
will commemorate the event with a memorial plaque to mark the exact place.



“We decided to celebrate this occasion because Barney’s is a
place where Jim Morrison hung out often,” says Barney’s Beanery principal David
Houston.  “Whatever point in time you go
back to, whoever was making history in pop culture, they seemed to have a foot
in the Beanery.”



Both Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of The Doors will be on hand
that evening for a special live broadcast on L.A. rock station 95.5 KLOS, hosted by “Last
D.J.,” Jim Ladd. The three will discuss and sign copies of Live at The Matrix 1967, a live CD on The Doors’ Bright Midnight
Archives and Rhino Records. The two-CD set, which was recorded in San Francisco over two
nights in March ’67, will be available on November 18th. The shows took place
shortly before the group broke on through with their hit Summer of Love single,
“Light My Fire.” Winners of a 95.5 KLOS contest will get to meet and greet
Manzarek and Krieger.



Rhino’s Live at The Matrix 1967 is the fourth of the Bright
Midnight Archives releases, and features liner notes by all three surviving
members of The Doors and brand-new cover art by renowned San Francisco artist Stanley Mouse. Whereas
the three previous collections documented The Doors’ final 1970 tour, this
latest edition takes you back to the early days, when the band was still
working out arrangements and lyrics.



No truth to the rumors that Viagra has a planned “Mr. Mojo Risin'”
marketing campaign using Doors songs set to roll out this winter….



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