Guns N’ Roses LP Streamed Free



Might as well check it
out… water cooler conversation fodder, y’know…


By Fred Mills


Sick of all the Guns N’ Roses hoopla over the upcoming Chinese Democracy album, slated for release
on Sunday at Best Buy (hey! Go to church, confess your sins, then head over to
the mega-mall and start sinnin’ all over again with Axl & Co.!)? Yeah, we
are too. But that doesn’t stop us from telling you that the album is already being
streamed in its entirety on MySpace.


Go to the group’s official MySpace Music page: to listen to it.


According to one preliminary review, “The album starts with weird distortion
on the title track that resolves after a minute into an old-style guitar riff.
When the drums kick in and Rose unleashes one of his trademark screams, there’s
a hint of the hair-raising opening “Welcome to the Jungle” on the band’s
best-selling `Appetite for Destruction
A little subtlety would help now and again and the lyrics don’t make much
sense, but delicacy and cogent arguments haven’t been calling cards for Guns N’
Roses. The general aim is to raise the tempo, push the volume and forget
restraint. Self-indulgence without guilt is the only way to go. Chinese Democracy is packed with
radio-friendly songs, all of which swagger with the self-confidence that makes
resistance — and criticism — useless.”



More GN’R, BLURT style:









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