Gun N’ Roses: Not A Pepper!


Don’t count those
redemption coupons before they’re printed, folks.


By Fred Mills





“Oh My God”! Remember that publicity stunt deal where Dr.
Pepper announced it would give a free soda to every American if Chinese Democracy was released this
year? And how, when it became apparent the album was definitely coming out, the
soft drink maker subsequently announced that folks could go to the Dr. Pepper
website on Nov. 23 and download a coupon that could be redeemed for a drink?


Apparently the web traffic was so huge that it crashed the
Pepper servers, so they extended the promotion
for a day – but the server glitches persisted and they were down for much of
Nov. 24.


Now, according to a report in Billboard, Axl Rose’s lawyer Alan Gutman is accusing Dr. Pepper of
defrauding its customers and not only wants the company to extend the offer
even longer but also take out full page ads in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal apologizing for
what he calls an “unmitigated disaster.”


Wrote Gutman in a letter sent to Dr. Pepper CEO Larry Young,
“Dr Pepper was completely unprepared for the traffic to its site. The
entire point of your campaign has been to use public interest in Axl Rose and
Guns N’ Roses as a lure to increase consumer awareness of Dr Pepper.”
Gutman also made it clear that his attitude is that Dr. Pepper was exploiting
the Guns N’ Roses name with the “disingenuous giveaway offer.”


Well, duh. Axl is paying a lawyer to figure out THAT?


No comment yet from Dr. Pepper, so we can’t be sure if this
was the “Perfect Crime” on their part. But we do suggest that they “Don’t Cry”
because as everyone knows of the “One In A Million” drink, “It Tastes Good,
Don’t It.” So why not just “Live And Let Die” and have a little “Patience,”
because all this “November Rain” will stop soon enough along with all the
“Double Talkin’ Jive” the lawyers are dishing out. [That’s quite enough, Fred. – Ed.]




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