Gnarls, Thievery Corp. on ACL Sat. Nite



You must be crazy if you miss this


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from Texas,
it’s Austin City Limits! Okay, so the
shows are pretaped, sue the producers. This week’s a corker, however, so while
we try to shy away from plugging individual teevee shows – we do have our daily
and weekend “Channel Guide” listings on the BLURT site – we’d be remiss if we
didn’t tip you to the news that Gnarls Barkley and the Thievery Corporation
will be frammin’ on the jim-jam on ACL this
week (most PBS affiliates broadcast on Saturday nights, but check local
listings as always).



 “Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse almost epitomize the
title of their second CD, The Odd Couple,” said ACL producer Terry Lickona, in a
statement. “Cee-Lo brings a devilish sense of humor to the ACL stage but
quickly establishes some serious r&b cred with his powerful vocals. 
Last summer’s anthem ‘Crazy’ gets the whole room singing along…. Thievery
Corporation continues to re-invent electronic music. This show is a swirl of
genres, theatrics and special guests that never ceases to surprise.”



(Fourteen performers
accompanied Thievery Corporation’s Eric Garza and Rob Hilton for this special
ACL performance including Brazilian musician, singer/songwriter and actor Seu
George, who provides, according to Lickona “a new school electro-samba
interlude, if you know what I mean.”)



To view or link to clips
from each artist performing on this week’s show please visit:




ACL incoming: Foo Fighters (1/17),
Manu Chao (1/24),  Nick Lowe / Swell Season (1/31), Drive-by Truckers
/ Ryan Bingham (2/7), Sarah McLachlan / Duffy (2/14).




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