George Bush DOES Care About Black People!



Next up: give the White
House a spiffy paint job over the holidays prior to the Obamas moving in….


By Fred Mills


President Bush yesterday pardoned imprisoned producer/Fugees
member John Forte for his conviction for cocaine possession with intent to
distribute. It marked a stunning attitudinal turnaround for Mr. Bush, who
through 8 years of his administration’s outrageous neglect of anyone not very
white and very rich had earned a (deserved) reputation for not exactly being
down with the African-American community.


As Kanye West put it a few years ago in the Katrina
aftermath during an NBC telethon, “George Bush does not care about black


But by letting a convicted African-American drug dealer out of the slammer as
he nears the end of his term, Bush finally demonstrated the compassion and
empathy we’ve always demanded from our leaders. Perhaps his first move after
returning to Texas
will be to put up a tent city on his sprawling ranch where still-displaced
Katrina victims can start over again?


The Grammy-winning Forte was busted in 2000 at Newark airport with 31 pounds of coke in his briefcases
and was later sentenced to 14 years in Fort Dix.
He’s now looking at a December 22 release seven years early but will be
monitored after his release for a five years supervised probation period. Merry
Christmas, John – but let’s not make it a white Christmas this year, if you
know what we sayin’ hmm?




On a more serious note: 
isn’t just about FUCKING TIME THAT LEONARD PELTIER was freed from prison
after more then 30 years behind bars? His murder convictions remain highly
contentious and tons of questions linger – the Forte case was pretty cut and dry, if you get right down to it.


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