Exclusive Vids: Tony Clifton,Tom Morello


Stuff you can only get
at BLURT – need we say more?


By Blurt Staff



We just added several new interviews with Tom Morello and comedian Tony Clifton (what about the
babes!). Check ’em out here! And
keep checking out our video section for interviews and performance segments
filmed exclusively for BLURT.


Individual segment links:


Tony Clifton Pt.1: www.blurt-online.com/video/view/155/


Tony Clifton Pt.2: www.blurt-online.com/video/view/154/


Tom Morello “Bad Presidents”: www.blurt-online.com/video/view/141/


Tom Morello “Guitar Hero”: www.blurt-online.com/video/view/143/


Tom Morello “8 People and a Latte Machine”: www.blurt-online.com/video/view/145/





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