Ex-Widespread McConnell Goes Virtual


George McConnell
debuting new material on web


By Mandy Rodgers


After starting guitar at age 15, George McConnell has made a
career of being a lead guitarist in bands Beanland, Kudzu Kings and Widespread
Panic. When he had spare time, he ran a vintage guitar store in Oxford. Now, McConnell is
releasing his new music as a tribute to past music conventions.


These new songs will be only available for download on his
Web site, www.georgemcconnell.com.


The songs will be released in twos in a “Virtual 45” format,
like the “A-Side” and “B-Side” of music long ago. McConnell said he remembers
the days of buying one song, only to find a song you liked better on the other
side, and that’s the kind of music he wants to get back to. The first two 45s
are debuting this week with the first pairing, “In Walked You” and “Goodbye So
Long” and the second, “Hollywood Babylon” and “Feel No Pain.”


[Photo Credit: Eric Drew]



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