Drone-psych Legends Loop Return!


blooze-fuzz-drone-tones than you can shake a shoegazer at!


By Fred Mills


Okay, so that headline is misleading  – the legendary
late ‘80s British band is not getting back together anytime soon that we know
of. Contemporaries both sonically and spiritually of Spacemen 3, My Bloody
Valentine, Jesus & Mary Chain, Swervedrive, etc., Loop folded at the end of
that decade, leaving behind a lot of broken hearts and busted eardrums but
plenty of good cranial-uncorking memories, too.



Bandleader Robert Hampson subsequently put together his ambitious
ambient/experimental project Main (he also
performed, for a short while, with Godflesh), which lasted until about 2006, at
which time Hampson commenced operations under his own name. According to
Hampson’s website he has a solo album due this month via the Touch label,
although details are somewhat sketchy. Meanwhile, the other erstwhile Loop members had formed the Hair & Skin Trading
Company and released several well-regarded albums.


Now, though, word comes from Hampson via his Loop-oriented
“sister website,” Heaven’s End
, that the long out of print Loop
back catalog has been remastered for reissue. Rumors surfaced about this last
year, and since then periodic updates have been posted to the site but nothing
much in the way of concrete information was disclosed.


No longer – next week in England 1987’s Heaven’s End and 1988’s Fade
will see the light of day once again, each expanded to two-disc
versions featuring relevant B-sides, alternate mixes and Peel session material.
See full track listings below. Then early 2009 should see the arrival of 1988
compilation The World In Your Eyes as
a two-volume set.


This leaves 1990’s A
Gilded Eternity
still in CD reissue limbo, of course, although it is
available in digital form at most online download retailers.



According to the Heaven’s End site, “Remastered from the
original analogue sources, these two releases will be released on the same day
[and] will be housed in a Mini Vinyl style card sleeve, which reproduce the
original artwork which has been slightly modified to fit the gatefold format
and including inner bags for both discs. All due care has been taken to release
everything that is available to us in some chronological order, sadly a couple
of tapes have been too badly damaged or lost to make a complete edition, but
these will be the definitive editions…there won’t be any ‘special editions’
to rip you off with, that’s a promise. As for vinyl, it is planned to do a
limited run of 180g pressings, but these will only be repros of the original
lps without the bonus material. The bonus material will only be available on
the Compact Disc issues and not for digital downloads, mainly because of the
costs of having to pay ungodly rates on the Peel Sessions. So, the Compact Disc
issues will be unique in their own right.”


“There is not a great wealth of outtakes or different
versions but we [have strived] to get everything we can find that warrants
inclusion, all remastered from the original sources. The World In Your Eyes will now be
known as The World In Your Eyes Vols. I
& II
. These are of course compilations of all the original 12″
vinyl singles originally released on [labels] HEAD and CHAPTER 22, plus
compilation tracks and rare archive material. To avoid confusion, the original Chapter 22 compilation of singles called Eternal, which was issued against the
wishes of Loop at the time, then reissued as “Dual” on Reactor in the
90’s is now called The World In Your Eyes
Vol. II


Oh, and we’re also advised that Hampson is designing special
limited edition Loop teeshirts that will be
sold at the site.


Lastly, a quick check of Amazon.com indicates that the two
albums will be available in the U.S.
on Dec. 9 via the Atila/Revolver label – preorders for Heaven’s End are currently listed at a mere $14.99, while Fade Out goes for $18.98, but either is
bargain by any estimate for such mind-expanding tuneage.


Loop on!



Track listings:


Heaven’s End:


Straight To Your Heart
Heaven’s End
Too Real To Feel
Fix To Fall
Head On
Carry Me

Rocket USA

Soundhead (1st Mix)
Head On (1st Mix)

Peel Session 1
Straight To Your Heart
Rocket USA

Fade Out:


Black Sun
This Is Where You End
Fever Knife
Fade Out
A Vision Stain
Got To Get It Over

Black Sun (Feedback)
Torched (1st Mix)
Got To Get It Over (1st Mix)
This Is Where You End (House In The Woods Demo Mix no. 7)

Peel Session 2
This Is Where You End

Fade Out Guitar Loops (House In The Woods Recording June 88)




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