Dolls-Rundgren: Like 1973 All Over Again!


Viva la Runt!


By Fred Mills



Where were you in ’73? If you answer, “Out purchasing that
spankingly fine debut album from the New York Dolls” you’re lying through your
teeth just as sure as if you said you bought the first Velvet Underground album
when it came out. Oh yeah, yeah
–  maybe your big brother told you about
the band, or maybe you heard about this cool magazine called Rock Scene that extolled the virtues of
the NYC scene, or maybe you even knew a slutty little gal friend with jones for
hitting the Lower East Side in search of Quaaludes and rooster-haired rock
dudes to hang out with.


 We understand.


Actually, maybe you likely you didn’t even pay attention
until the reunited Dolls played the Spin mag day party a couple of years ago at SXSW and all of a sudden you were
scrambling to claim some belated hipster cool. Yes, we understand.


So punk, now here’s your chance to get in on the ground
floor (slight return): in January, Todd Rundgren is going into the studio with
the Dolls – essentially founding members David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain,
plus pals Sam Yaffa, Steve Conte and Brian Delaney – to record the band’s next
album. Rundgren of course produced the ’73 debut. Atco/Warners will release the
record and the band will hit the road for a lengthy tour, so your 2 imperatives
are clear.


Johansen enthused in a statement, “We’re really excited
to be working with Todd gain. We’re hoping to recapture the same magic on the
forthcoming album [that was on the debut].”


Here’s hoping that “magic” doesn’t include the indifference
of the buying public and the outright hostility from the record company –
because that is what was going on in
1973, revisionist historians aside. You, gentle citizens, can make a difference
this time around.




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