DJ Qbert Skratches A New Itch


Back to school with
the king of Turntablism…


By Blurt Staff


DJ Qbert has
just announced the opening of his “Qbert
Skratch University”,
an online video learning site, which will break virtual ground in early 2009 in
partnership with ArtistWorks.


Qbert is often billed as the “Undisputed King of
Turntablism”, which may seem like hype unless you’ve actually seen the cat on
the wheels of steel. According to a press release from ArtisWorks, he’ll be
using “a series of progressive videos to teach all levels of Scratching
techniques from basic to exotic and beat juggling. This format of exchanging
videos with a legendary Turntablist where the entire community learns is the
first of its kind. Turntablists around the world use simple and innovative
video management technology created by ArtistWorks. Student members post videos
on the University site and using the latest in Internet video technology, Qbert
responds to student videos, offering his personal guidance and suggestions.”


“There is no central place or community for farflung Turntablists to gather, so
this platform will provide them with a great opportunity” says David Butler,
Founder and CEO of ArtistWorks, Inc. DJ Qbert adds, “It’s cool that Skratching
has so many fans around the world and we can all be in one place now and learn
from each other no matter where we live.”



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