Dave Davies: Would do some Kinks shows



The Kinks reunion
rumors start here!


By Fred Mills


So with the music world abuzz over the news of the
forthcoming Kinks box set (including, uh, BLURT), commentary invariably is
turning to the will they/won’t they reunite – the legendarily warring Davies
brothers, that is.


Ray, of course, perennially fuels reunion rumors seemingly
every time he’s interviewed, most recently in a BBC interview in which he
disclosed he was writing new material with an eye towards a possible reunion
(“It depends if there’s good music. We want good new music. I’d like to do it
as a more collaborative thing than we used to do,” Davies told the BBC),
additionally reiterating what he’d said earlier this year, that it would also
hinge his brother Dave’s health. The younger Davies suffered a stroke in 2004.


Here’s what Ray Davies also told BLURT last spring in an
interview with Jud Cost:



BLURT: Will there ever be a Kinks reunion? I read somewhere
that Dave hadn’t spoken to you in six months.

I spoke to Dave about a month ago. And Dave really would like to do it. But it’s
not just me and Dave. If it could be done at all, I think everybody’s got to
have their heads into it. Some of the guys in the various bands we’ve had over
the years get together and play every so often for fun. I went to one gig they
did and just listened to them. It was Mick Avory on drums, John Dalton on bass
and John Gosling on keyboards, and a couple of the girl backing vocalists from Preservation turned up. I was amazed how
tight the band was. They call it the Cast Off Kinks.



I’ve seen you and Dave play many times, and I’ve never seen you strike each
other onstage. Or is that just part of the myth?

I think it’s more like we’d throw a punch, miss and hit a wall. [laughs] If we’d been from somewhere like
Nashville I
think we’d have blown each other away by now. There was a lot of sibling
rivalry. These things run deep. You can’t analyze it, you can’t say who’s right
and wrong. And you can’t define what makes it go wrong. There’s just an edge
there that rubs up the wrong way.



So… that sounds like a “maybe.”  And actually, time and time again, media
pundits have poo-pooh’d the likelihood of a reunion, primarily citing some
less-than-complimentary comments Dave made in the past about Ray. Pitchfork stated flatly that Dave “still seems to hate Ray’s guts.” And Billboard, Rolling Stone and other outlets, relying on a screed Dave posted to
his official website in November of 2007, apparently took it as gospel that
Dave’s “It would be like a poor remake of
‘Night of the Living Dead,’ Ray has been doing Karaoke Kinks shows since 1996”
the final word – despite it being a year old, and in rock ‘n’ roll terms,
that’s very old, out of date news indeed. (Note: the www.davedavies.com website appears to be
temporarily down.)



Well, far be it from us to jumpstart yet another Kinks
reunion rumor. But you can read below what brother Dave very recently told journalist Cost (this time for
an interview published in the latest issue of Magnet magazine). Clearly, Dave would be up for it, although it appears he’s
thinking only in terms of performances and not necessarily cutting new
material, so read into it what you will. But “doing some Kinks shows”
definitely meets the definition of “reunion.”


So there you have it, in black
and white and on the public record.


Dave Davies, to Jud Cost/Magnet:


“I don’t see anything wrong with doing some Kinks
shows. But I don’t know if I’d feel too happy about going into the studio with
Ray, because he’s off his head, man. He’s like spoiled. He’s the frist person
on this planet who would own up to thinking he’s a genius. Real geniuses don’t
realize that they are.”




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