Cobra Verde on Entourage


Season finale of hit HBO series to feature “World Can’t Have Her” on Sunday, Nov. 23.

By Randy Harward


For the third time this year, uber-indie rockers Cobra Verde
will have a song in a high-profile TV show. First, the FX series Sons of Anarchy used the Cleveland band’s
“Riot in the Foodcourt” from their new album Haven’t Slept All Year ( Then HBO’s vampire show True Blood used CV’s cover of the
Rolling Stones’ “Play With Fire.” Now another HBO series, Entourage, is including another Slept track, “World Can’t Have Her,” in its season-closer on Sunday night.  


“Woohoo,” says Cobra Verde main man John Petkovic in a press
release, which goes on to say that the True
exposure resulted in “more than 1,500 downloads of the song  in the
first two days after the show’s airing alone. It also brought Mick Jagger out
of his castle to come track us down. (Ugh, I won’t get into that now…)”

Petkovic also points out that there was one other Cobra Verde TV moment—when they
playing a Foreigner tribute band (they do “Waiting for a Girl Like You”) on…
wait for it… The OC. See it at:

Stay tuned to Blurt for
an upcoming interview with Petkovic!

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