Boss Hog Puts the “B” in “Back”



Playing a reunion show
in NYC on Dec. 17….


By Blurt Staff


It’s the naked truth: Boss Hog, that legendary band from the
late ‘80s and early ‘90s featuring the mighty Jon Spender and leggysexycool
(and frequently nude, as anyone who recalls the group’s eye-popping record
sleeves… see below…) Cristina Martinez, is back. What would Brooke Shields Cindy Crawford say?
She’d say rock da house!


Here’s the info that just got slipped over the BLURT transom:





Legendary New York band Boss Hog will be
returning to the New York stage on Wednesday, December 17, headlining an
incendiary evening of outrageously perverse rock’n’roll, degenerate burlesque,
and chasm-like grooves. Led by the wildly sexy and completely
unpredictable punk chanteuse Cristina Martinez and her blues-exploding husband
Jon Spencer, this will mark Boss Hog’s first hometown show since 2000. 

Boss Hog’s 1989 debut as a last-minute fill in at
CBGBs saw the beginning of a rotating line-up featuring members of New York’s
noisiest gentry, Pussy Galore, the Honeymoon Killers, and the Unsane, before
finally evolving into the classic team of Cristina Martinez, Jon Spencer,
Hollis Queens, Jens Jurgensen, and Mark Boyce for the decidedly slinkier Boss
Hog. The entire entourage will be on hand for this powerhouse return. 

Over the years they have shocked and amazed with
their sui generis cocktail of sugar-coated hooks and poisonous riffs,
deliriously seductive stage show, and subversive, sweaty rhythms. For their
newest salvo they will be drawing on their entire legacy.

Explaining their eight-year hiatus, Cristina says,
“It’s been two torturous terms of Republican disease and culture death. Now
that we’re free, it’s the perfect time for us to bring back our own brand of
sick in celebration.”

Adds her live-in guitarist, Jon Spencer, “This
whole ‘change’ thing isn’t new… Boss Hog represented change with every album we

Joining Boss Hog at the Bowery Ballroom is a full
compliment of rhythm and grind, featuring the country punk moxie of Tennessee’s
Those Darlins, the titillating parade of burlesque goddesses Harvest Moon and
Dirty Martini, and special guest DJ Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.





Got all that? Good. Now about those record sleeves….




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