BlurtTube Vid: Elvis Costello no Glasses!


Now you know why this
one’s considered “alternate” and, uh, “rare”…


By Fred Mills


In a sense, Elvis Costello grew up with MTV; you can still
catch some of his early/mid ‘80s clips on VH1 Classic for proof – the good, the
bad and the ugly.


This one’s among the “ugly.”


“The Only Flame In Town” hailed from EC’s justly-maligned
1984 album Goodbye Cruel World, and
aside from the fact that the song, uh, sucks, somebody at Columbia Records
talked our hero into removing his trademark specs when filming the clip. Bad
move. Indeed, a substitute clip was apparently also filmed, and that’s the one
that went into rotation on video channels. It was only marginally better, but
that’s beside the point – take a look at EC squinting at the camera and
prepared to do some squinting yourself.


The ultra rare sans glasses video is below, followed by the more familiar one. Caveat: the audio is
slightly out of synch in the former, but hey, it’s all lipsynched anyway so who







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