Bloodshot Offers Protest Music Mix

Did we mention that today is
Election Day…?


By Blurt



From our
good friends at Bloodshot Records, unfiltered:







The protest
song is one of our oldest musical traditions, so it’s no surprise that in the
15 years Bloodshot Records has been releasing records, it’s artists have been
vocal participants, with biting social commentary and damn fine music. We offer
you, in honor of the coming election, the Bloodshot Records Election Mix ’08.

The Waco Brothers‘ “Cowboy in Flames” is as relevant as when
it was written 12 years ago: “All the rest on the bottom / oil men still
on top.” Graham Parker uses his rapier wit to pillory the current
administration’s policies on “Stick to the Plan.” On “Cure for
the Common Cold,” Ha Ha Tonka‘s Brian Roberts — a cancer survivor
— takes the US health care
system to task: “Don’t get sick in America.” Chris Ligon is just
one of the many musicians who gathered on The Executioner’s Last Songs,
an album that calls for a moratorium on the death penalty. Andrew Bird’s
contribution to the Old Town School of Folk Music Songbook collection is
“I Shall Not Be Moved,” a traditional hymn that was later adopted by
labor union singers in the ’40s. And while Andre William’s “Can You Deal
With It?” could broadly describe the worst-case
, we include it on the mix for the fun fact that Andre Williams
and John McCain are the same age.




Below is a online
stream of some of Bloodshot’s best protest moments, enjoy it and don’t forget
to vote!



1. Cordero, “En Este Momento” (from En Este Momento)
2. Firewater, “Hey Clown” (from The Golden Hour)
3. Ha Ha Tonka, “Cure for the Common Cold” (from Buckle in the
Bible Belt
4. The Bottle Rockets, “Align Yourself” (from Zoysia)
5. Waco Brothers, “Cowboy in Flames”
(from Waco Express: Live and Kickin’ at Schubas Tavern)
6. Graham Parker, “Stick to the Plan (from Don’t Tell Columbus)
7. The Meat Purveyors, “Look On Your Face” (from Someday Soon
Things Will Be Much Worse!
8. Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, “I Never Thought I Could Feel This Way For
A Boy” (from Live at KEXP: Volume 4)
9. Andrew Bird, “I Shall Not Be Moved” (from Old Town
of Folk
Music: Volume 4
10. Chris Ligon, “Great State of Texas”
(from The Executioner’s Last Songs)
11. Starkweathers, “Burn the Flag” (from For A Decade of Sin: 11
Years of Bloodshot Records
12. Andre Williams, “Can You Deal With It?” (from Can You Deal
With It?




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